This year we are hoping to raise funds to support our school through gift card fundraising. Are you planning on buying a gift card for a friend’s birthday? Order through ShopWithScrip!  Are you back to school shopping at Target or Walmart? First, order an e-gift card through ShopWithScrip! Are you planning on a big shopping trip to Sprouts or Home Depot? First, order an e-gift card through ShopWithScrip! There are no additional fees on your orders, the only difference is instead of $100 going to the store, $95 goes to the store and $5 goes to High Plains.  Different companies provide different rebate amounts, and tons are offering 10-18% back to school rebates. Just try to remember to order an e-gift card before you spend. 

  1. CLICK HERE to be taken to the Shop with Scrip website.
  2. Click the “Join A Program” Button
  3. Type enrollment code:  AE5BL3DC33L93
  4. Click “Register”

  (**OR you can Download the RaiseRight Fundraising app and select “Join a Program”. Type in enrollment code: AE5BL3DC33L93  Click “Get Started”)  

  1. Earn us some money! 

Click SHOP WITH SCRIP for more info.

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