Executive Board Members

Executive Board Positions


Responsibilities include leading High Plains PTCO Executive Board and general membership. The President will run meetings and act as a liaison to the principal, the Accountability Committee, the Parents’ Council, and other committees, as needed. The President will also attend and participate in various other functions, as needed. Serving President should have served at least one year on the Executive Board prior to holding this position.

Heather Petitmermet: [email protected]
Amy Souther: [email protected]

Or: [email protected]

1st Vice Presidents:

Responsibilities include coordinating all Communications and Marketing/PR. The 1st Vice Presidents will also assist Co-Presidents with oversight responsibilities along with designated duties (Extracurricular Fair, school directory, PR articles for community newspapers, and High Plains Happenings). The 1st Vice Presidents will also oversee the implementation of PTO Manager software.

Christi Strong: [email protected]
Chimere Soltis*: [email protected]

2nd Vice Presidents:

The primary responsibility of 2nd Vice Presidents is fundraising. The 2nd Vice Presidents will oversee all fundraising aspects of PTCO, including, but not limited to, Soaring to Success donation campaign, Run4Fund$, grocery gift card sales, Hungry Hawks, Family Fun Run and Festival, and other fundraisers, as needed. The 2nd Vice Presidents will also serve as the co-chair for the Non-Budgetary Committee with the Treasurer.

Heather Thompson: [email protected]
Rebecca Alleman: [email protected]

3rd Vice Presidents:

Responsibilities include community and volunteers. The 3rd Vice Presidents will oversee community-based PTCO-sponsored school committees and events, such as Family Western Night, Family Reading Night, and Teacher Appreciation Week. The 3rd Vice Presidents will coordinate community outreach for volunteers (senior citizens, neighborhood residents, etc.).  The 3rd Vice Presidents will also update the PTCO Bulletin Board.

Nancy Zuercher: [email protected]
Lindsay Warner: [email protected]


Responsibilities include monitoring all financial transactions of the PTCO.  The Treasurers will report monthly to the Executive Board on financial standing of the organization. The Treasurers will also serve as co-chair on the Non-Budgetary Committee along with the 2nd Vice-Presidents.

Jeb Griffin*: [email protected]
Jenny Guo: [email protected]
Kim Brown: [email protected]
Contact both: [email protected]


The PTCO secretaries will record minutes of all PTCO and Executive Committee meetings. Secretaries will also oversee Hospitality and Teacher Appreciation Committees and coordinate teacher snacks and lunches during fall and winter conferences.

Jessica Shepherd: [email protected]
Tammi Gitin: [email protected]

Advisor to the Board:

Unique Cooper: [email protected]



*children do not attend High Plains in-person classroom.

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